Bikini Model Caro Toro used the Booty Band to sculpt her bikini-ready booty! Just 10 minutes a day for 30 Days!

What’s Included:

  • Our Glute Sculpting Booty Band
  • A 30 Day Full Booty Workout Guide
  • OUR RISK FREE – Money Back Guarantee!
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Ordinary People Achieving Incredible Results!

My booty is visibly more round and lifted after 30 days using the Booty Band.

The Booty Band and the Booty Workout Guide use exercises which work muscles I did not even know I had. Right away you can feel the burn and after a week start to see the results! All it took me was 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week to achieve a lifted, round and perky booty!

Emily P, 30 Day Results, Booty Band User

Mum and Bikini Model Lisa uses the Booty Band

Lisa uses the Booty Band during her regular gym session to better lift, tone and round her booty. In her words “my glutes are on fiiireee”  🔥 when she uses the Booty Band.

Not only is Lisa a Bikini Pro Champion, she is also a single mum so she loves using the Booty Band at home too. You can check out her Instagram

So what do you get exactly?

Each Booty Band Kit includes:

  • The Incredible Glute Sculpting Booty Band
  • A Comprehensive Booty Workout Guide
  • A 30 Day Booty Challenge
  • A High Quality Fabric Over-the-Shoulder Gym Bag
  • A Money Back Guarantee; AND
  • A 3 Month Booty Band Warranty


Get Yours Now!

for just $34 plus FREE SHIPPING

Great 30 Day Results!

So happy with my results! Only 10 min per day, 5 days/wk for 30 days! Great product, very durable and the exercises were easy to get a hang of! I’ve tried a lot of exercises in the past to lift and tone my booty and I can say this one really does the trick…and FAST! Highly recommend!

Lisa K, 30 Day Results, Booty Band User

K Diamond did the 30 Day Booty Challenge

“I didn’t even know I had these butt muscles. It is hard and it really works your glute muscles. I love the Booty Band and the Workout Guide plus the cute gym bag it comes in.”

K Diamond, You Tube Beauty blogger

Erin’s 30 Day Booty Band Results

Just 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week delivers an incredible glute workout which increased the size, shape and lift in my booty. Before this point I had struggled to get any shape at all as I am naturally quite slender.

Erin, 30 Day Results, Booty Band Creator

AMAZING! Easy and Really Good Results

The Booty Band is great! Easy to do the exercises which directly “burn” my butt muscles. The exercise book is really detailed and all the exercises are very effective. I feel it in my glutes right away. As I keep getting stronger I increase the repetitions and follow the 30 Day Challenge guide.

Very happy with the results so far. Highly recommend.

Mechelle G, 30 Day Results, Booty Band User

Why is the Booty Band Program Different?

  • BUILD, SCULPT & TONE: Get your perfect booty. Isolates glute muscles and rapidly develops a perky, lifted and firm butt. 5 Min per Day/ 30 Days!
  • COMFORTABLE ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Durable – NO waist strap meaning no pinching or pulling! Our patented design is incredibly comfortable. One size fits all.
  • RAPID RESULTS: Sculpt, shape and lift your booty in 5 minutes each day. Noticeable results in 7 days, incredible results in 30 DAYS.
  • NO BULKY THIGHS: Unique band design isolates and targets glute muscles only. Thighs are toned without building any bulk in your thighs.
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for just $34 plus FREE SHIPPING